Who Am I?



In Lewis Carroll’s beloved book Alice in Wonderland, the title character says, “How puzzling all these changes are! I’m never sure what I’m going to be, from one minute to another.”

This statement perfectly expresses my feelings about trying to describe myself. Having recently committed to the writing life and starting my blog on WordPress, I find my ideas veering wildly in content and style. I would like to categorize my blog for like-minded readers, but I am not yet sure what I want it to be about.

I have been at home caring for my four children for the past 23 years, but strangely, very few of my posts concern parenting. Instead I have been exploring the world outside my safe and comfortable home. I love observing the small occurrences of daily life, sometimes with humor and sometimes seriously. I care deeply about issues such as education, spirituality and social justice. I admire courageous people who make a difference in the world. And I am just plain opinionated and want to share (vent?) those thoughts with a wider audience than my poor family and close friends.

My hope for my writing is that it will spark a thought or dream in a reader – and that that small seed of an idea might bear fruit in a beautiful way somewhere, someday.