Comfort Food



I’ve been in a bad mood lately and decided to take it out on my body. No, I’m not doing a punishing 10 mile run. I’m eating donuts – and candy and cookies and bread with butter and, well, CARBS.

The notion of comfort food is not new. When people feel bad, they often comfort themselves with soft and fluffy mashed potatoes or a moist and delicious chocolate cake. I favor breakfast danishes, donuts, and coffeecake. Whatever the choice of food, it is usually an unhealthy one.

I know I’m not supposed to use food to solve my emotional issues. Understanding that is from Psychology 101. Overeating can lead to obesity and terrible health problems. The big weight loss concerns such as Weight Watchers also use group counseling as part of their customers’ regimen.

Still, I’m bummed out about some ruined plans and stressed about my kid’s college applications. Today I woke up and saw two inches of snow on the ground, and it’s only a couple of days shy of Halloween. The forecast of rain and sleet mixed with snow for the next two days has done nothing to elevate my mood.

So I plan to stay inside and overindulge in some of my favorite comfort foods. Maybe I’ll even break into those bags of Halloween candy since I doubt I’ll have many trick-or-treaters coming by tomorrow night in the cold and snow.

In a few days, my mood will lift, and I’ll eat salad. For now, pass me another donut.


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