Let Them Eat Cake



The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case to determine whether the Constitution protects the rights of a baker to refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. The baker insists that as an artist (of cakery, presumably), he is protected by his First Amendment right to free speech.

I’m sure there are laudable arguments on both sides of this Constitutional question, and I’m neither qualified nor interested in engaging in them. But for crying out loud, baker, it’s a cake!

I’m sure in the course of their day to day business, bakeries make cakes for all kinds of morally questionable people. Generally, businesses don’t require their customers to pass a moral litmus test in order to serve them. A cake made for a gay couple would have all the same ingredients and requirements that the baker would use for a  heterosexual couple. There is absolutely nothing morally compromising for the bakery here.

After all, it’s not as if refusing to make the cake will cause the gay couple to decide not to get married. I could understand if a Christian minister refused to marry two men or two women. But a cake is just a traditional aspect of the celebration part of the wedding. It’s not marched down the aisle as part of the actual marriage ceremony. So the idea that a baker’s making a cake for a gay couple would compromise his or her religious beliefs is ludicrous.

Let’s face it. The baker saw two men in love walk into his bakery, and it disgusted him. He didn’t want any part of their business because he didn’t like what he saw. This is the same situation blacks faced at lunch counters all over the American South in the Fifties. Refusing to serve customers because of their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is illegal. It’s that simple.

So I have a solution for the squeamish baker: Let gay couples have their cake and eat it too! Just tell them they need to supply their own same sex cake topper.



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