White Men: Stop Whining



Post-election analysis has concluded that angry white men tipped the scales for Donald Trump and propelled him to victory. These men apparently feel left out and disenchanted by government policies. Throughout the election, white men were portrayed as victims of bad trade deals and immigration policy, both of which have supposedly robbed them of jobs.

I find it ironic that the same people who have for years been decrying political correctness, identity politics, and the victim mentality of minorities have themselves been playing the victim. But who are they kidding? Take a look at the composition of governmental bodies, corporations, law firms, banks, and even most manufacturing concerns, and you will see a preponderance of white males. We have had one black president and no women presidents in over 200 years of our existence as a nation.

The fact is that white males are still the dominant group in American life. Not only do they hold the reins of political power on both the national and local levels, but white men are more likely to be your bosses and school administrators. While the economic dislocation caused by loss of manufacturing and automation has affected all working class people, it has hurt minorities more than it has harmed white men.

If you are a white male, you are less likely to be stopped randomly by a police officer. You are less likely to be beaten or killed by a spouse or intimate partner. You are much more likely to see yourself portrayed in movies and on television as a hero. Guess what, white men? Your places of worship are not being terrorized or burnt to the ground. You’re not cowering in the shadows worried about being deported. If you commit horrible crimes, no one calls you thugs. They describe you as “disturbed.”

I have great sympathy for individuals who find themselves struggling financially. If I were president, I would be concentrating my efforts on providing retraining for workers displaced by the loss of manufacturing jobs. I would widen the safety net, not shrink it. Yes, I feel for people of all races who are hurting economically in this country.

But the one group I am not in the mood to coddle? White men.


3 thoughts on “White Men: Stop Whining

  1. Paul Infanger

    Sorry but this is off the mark. What I wonder, as does my wife, is why are white women putting down white men. Hillary did it and it cost her the election. Western (“White” including Asian, Arab and Indian) civilization, led mostly by men, gave us modern economy and technology. Maybe we feel entitled because while other cultures lived in huts, we built skyscrapers and landed on the moon. When we shared equal rights and the wealth we created, we were chastised as exploiters and are now being put down and told we need to make reparations. So if there s anything left that is called “white privilege” maybe it’s just interest on the investment we made when we gave others the benefits that we earned.


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