Trump: Republicans’ “Prince Alarming”


glass_slipperIn the fairy tale “Cinderella,” every maiden in the kingdom wishes to marry the prince. But a lowly maid who sits in ashes and waits on her evil stepsisters hand and foot captures the prince’s heart. Determined to find the perfect mate, the prince searches the kingdom to find the girl whose foot will fit into the glass slipper she had left behind. The ugly stepsisters, grimly determined to fit into the shoe, cut off their toes and heels in a desperate effort to make it fit.

This story puts me in mind of the Republican Party, which has squirmed and squeezed and cut off its own principles to make Donald Trump an acceptable president. Early in the primaries, the Republican establishment roundly denounced Donald Trump as unfit to be president. Then slowly and inexorably, one by one, the same Republicans started to endorse a man who had not only uttered racist and sexist statements, but had mocked and vilified the very individuals now holding their noses and serving up the excrement for their party to swallow.(You know who you are, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio et al.)

Accepting Donald Trump’s presidency has truly forced Republicans to repudiate their own values. A perfect example is free trade. While conservatives always champion the sanctity of the marketplace, Donald Trump has denounced recent treaties like NAFTA as job stealers and promised to put a stranglehold on free trade. The only reason NAFTA passed is that it enjoyed bipartisan support. Are Republicans retreating from their long-standing principles here?

Donald Trump has also attacked the big banks, despite the fact that he has named numerous Wall Street insiders to his administration. Once again, his campaign platform flew in the face of conservative objections to  overregulation. Trump promises to punish companies that send jobs overseas. But what about allowing the hallowed marketplace to thrive without government interference? I guess Republicans are going to have to hold their breaths and swallow.

During his campaign, Donald Trump attacked the military, which is the entity closest to godliness in the Republican psyche. He vilified the parents of a war hero and claimed that he knew more than the generals. And speaking of godliness, how do conservative evangelicals defend their support of a man who disregards the sanctity of marriage and talks openly about sexually assaulting women? The fact that Trump may name a Supreme Court justice that will be harsher on abortion is not a sufficient excuse. “The end justifies the means” comes from Machiavelli, not the Bible.

Republicans are apparently banking on the idea that since Donald Trump ran as a Republican, he will rubber stamp all the conservative policies they are so hell-bent on instituting. Trump, however, has already proven himself to be inconsistent, contradictory, and petulant. If you get on his bad side, he will not only send out a mean tweet about you,  his minions will threaten and intimidate you.

Republicans may soon find themselves hobbling along on their bloodied feet with little to show for their efforts and an angry populace betrayed by empty promises. If so, I’ll chip in for their wheelchairs when the voters force them into an unwanted retirement.






One thought on “Trump: Republicans’ “Prince Alarming”

  1. Carolyn Rudolf

    Very well said, Mary. Another prime example of your point is the recent abandonment of the congressional independent ethics office….. I guess they’re following Trump’s lead that they can do no wrong.

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