Aid for Syria


image-adapt-990-high-3-syrias-war-refugee_crisis-960x600-1415861631430Last week I wrote about the horrific situation that faces innocent men, women, and children in Aleppo and across war-ravaged Syria – as well as the dire conditions of the millions of refugees displaced by the conflict. But my “Tears for Aleppo” begged the question: What can we do?

I have done some research with the help of Charity Navigator and have found some organizations that are working to alleviate suffering.  All five of these groups have received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and use 90% or more of their funding directly on aid. All five groups are currently doing work to alleviate suffering due to the war in Syria.

  1. The American Refugee Committee states, “Helping displaced people is our only mission.” The committee provides a wide range of services and is currently responding to the crisis in Syria by helping provide “water, sanitation, and hygiene infrastructure,” as well as food assistance to Syrian refugees. (
  2. Helping Hand for Relief and Development provides emergency relief to people in crisis situations all over the world. Helping Hand also works on long-term relief and development to rebuild communities after disaster strikes. (
  3. The International Rescue Committee was founded in 1933 and also responds with humanitarian assistance to countries in crisis around the world. If you have Facebook, you have probably seen their appeals for help in your news feed. (
  4. Mercy-USA for Aid and Development works primarily within the US with the philosophy of “helping people help themselves.” However, they currently have a Syrian relief effort going on as well. (
  5. Save the Children is a well-known national charity that focuses on help for impoverished children around the world by means of monthly sponsorships. They are currently working within Syria and in refugee camps with direct food and medical aid. (

These are by no means all of the reputable organizations who are providing humanitarian assistance in the current Syrian crisis. The work of Texas-based Preemptive Love Coalition has been promoted by nationally-known Christian writer and speaker Jen Hatmaker on her Facebook page. Preemptive Love Coalition has been given a gold rating by Guidestar. Its stated philosophy is, “We pursue peace one heart at a time, engaging the world’s most polarizing conflicts by confronting fear with acts of love.” (

I urge anyone who can to donate to one of the many worthy groups who are assisting the desperate people of Syria.



4 thoughts on “Aid for Syria

    • I agree. I think it’s important to support organizations that have experience in war zones. I would have included the Red Cross, but they only received a 3-star rating on Charity Navigator. Perhaps there’s a bit too much bureaucracy in such a large organization.


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