Backwards and in High Heels



Looking back, I should have realized Hillary Clinton would not be elected president when so many Americans were convinced she should be in the big house, not the White House. With the media focused so relentlessly on Email-gate (or as I like to call it, Much Ado About Nothing), there was little coverage of Hillary’s ideas, experience, or accomplishments.

Despite the fact that during all three debates Clinton made Trump look like an unstable idiot, she could not get past people’s expectations for how a high profile woman should conduct herself. She  was called loud and shrill, mocked for her fashion style, and vilified for the indiscretions of her husband. Trump, whose attacks on a variety of women would make a sailor blush, called her a “nasty woman.”

Hillary Clinton has more political experience than most recent presidential candidates. And while the attack on the diplomatic compound in Benghazi was widely blamed on her by Republicans, her tenure as Secretary of State was marked by the location and killing of Osama bin Laden, an Iran nuclear agreement that vastly diminishes Iran’s ability to create a nuclear weapon, and significant movement toward addressing the world problem of climate change. Many experts agree that it was Clinton’s hard line with Iran that brought them to the negotiating table.

To be sure, Clinton’s many years in the public eye have made her an easy target. The sex scandals during Bill Clinton’s presidency somehow tarnished Hillary in a way no man would be harmed by a wife’s infidelity. Yet Hillary soldiered on. But somehow her continuing efforts to effect change through government were looked upon as a craven grasping for power instead of the desire to serve.

I am deeply concerned by a Trump presidency coupled with total domination of both Congressional houses by Republicans. But I am also disappointed that by 2016 the glass ceiling for the presidency still has not been shattered. That ceiling is beginning to seem as if it is made of plexiglass.

I continue to admire Hillary Clinton and hope she can personally enjoy her many achievements over the years. May she be proud of the fact that she proved herself capable of accomplishing what many a man might attempt, but doing it “backwards and in high heels.”



5 thoughts on “Backwards and in High Heels

  1. Well put. A lot of have it has been talked about by many but I will really point out what you said about Bill Clinton’s Affairs and her being blamed is something that has really ticked me off as well. Not only was she blamed and called an enabler, she was treated like a horrible person for insulting these women that he cheated on her with, as if they were somehow his victims rather than women who deliberately got involved with a married man. I’ve been cheated on in my life and definitely know that the women who get involved with married men are equally responsible and are in no way innocent, and I wanted to take them out as well. I’ve also stayed with a man after being cheated on because I knew I wanted to be with this person, and knew I wasn’t going to be cheated on again by him, and it’s something you can’t always explain to the people around you because you just know… but I can’t imagine then being blamed for what he had done! What a horrible bunch of people who did that to her.

    If you haven’t seen it yet, check out the video of Chelsea Handler’s interview with Barbara Boxer the day after the election. It was emotional but it gave me a lot of Hope.


    • Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. It is good to hear from a woman who has experience what Hillary experienced first hand. I completely agree that no one should expect a woman in that position to forgive or be compassionate toward the women who helped violate her marriage. I also appreciate your remarks about staying in a marriage after infidelity. Once again, the media and the public felt they had a right to judge Hillary for her choice. No doubt if she had left him, they would have found fault with that. I am deeply discouraged right now but will try to have hope. Thanks for the recommendation not he Chelsea Handler video. I will check it out.

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    • Mr. Caswell, I appreciate your reposting my blog post about Hillary Clinton despite the fact that you disagree with it. I do take issue with being called a “blogeress,” which is a meaningless and sexist term. I am, like you, simply a blogger.


      • My apologies then…my fellow blogger. And thank you for quickly responding …and voicing your preference. Yes, I guess I was trying to get a rise out of you—folks who deliberately ignore what I see as overwhelming evidence—as you would on your side and your beliefs–are frustrating to me. but–thanks for your cool and considerate response! I do apologize.


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