Today’s the day. After what seems like eons of campaigning, Election Day is finally here. Along with the highly divisive presidential race, there are many congressional and senatorial seats, as well as local officials, to cast our ballots for. There are also local ballot initiatives in many areas, and the voice of voters will determine future tax rates, infrastructure projects, property values and the like. The weather is expected to be mild across most of the country, so there’s little excuse not to go cast your ballot.

Many Americans have already voted either by early voting or absentee ballot, including my own husband. But I like to vote on Election Day. There is just something patriotic about going to the ballot box with so many of my fellow Americans and sporting an “I voted today” sticker on my shirt or jacket.

Will this day bring us our first woman president or our first reality TV star as leader of the free world? Will Democrats capture enough Senate seats to shift the balance of power there? Many of us will be glued to our television sets tonight to find out.

No matter how you feel about the candidates in this election, it is so important to get out and vote. After a dispiriting campaign rife with scandal-mongering and name-calling, low voter turnout for a presidential election would further demoralize the American people. It is not just a right, but a duty, for citizens to take an active part in electing our leaders and, by so doing, affect the future of our country.

Let’s pack the polling places, my fellow citizens, and show the world how much we cherish  the democratic ideals of these United States.


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