No Privacy Rights for Presidents?


44e69e7bd5c54f92b35558e9b5e8260fIn the latest episode of “Get Hillary,” Democrat(!) David Axelrod accused Mrs. Clinton of having a “penchant for privacy.” The nerve of her! The public has the right to know every time she sneezes, belches, or farts, by golly. And we want a full accounting of her sex life and movie-watching history while we’re at it.

I realize that the general health of a presidential hopeful is important to the public in deciding whom to vote for. But this Pneumonia Gate scandal-mongering needs to stop. If Clinton were a man, the media would be applauding her toughness and dedication in refusing to miss the 9/11 memorial in New York to take to her sick bed. Instead, we get speculation on what dire, life-threatening condition she might have that would disqualify her from being president.

I expect such shenanigans from the Trump campaign. But from Clinton’s own party? And a front page story in the Chicago Tribune with the headline “Clinton perpetuates unhealthy lack of trust”?  I guess if you say so, Trib, it must be true.

Hillary Clinton has gone through hours of grilling on her private email server and her performance as Secretary of State during the Benghazi attack. She has been investigated since her own husband’s White House days with a relentlessness few public figures could withstand. And yet here she stands, the first woman candidate for President of the United States, unbowed and unaccused of any wrongdoing – at least by individuals using facts and not rumor or innuendo.

Meanwhile, accusations against Donald Trump relating to his charitable giving, his apparently fraudulent Trump University, and his refusal to disclose his tax returns have all met with an indifferent shrug.

Political writers have been pointing out lately the dichotomy between Hillary’s approval ratings when she is running for office vs. when she actually holds office. The fact is that her popularity goes up once she is not competing with a man for a political position. Sexist much?

The Trump campaign loves the bashing Hillary bandwagon because it distracts from the myriad weaknesses of its own candidate. Let’s get off that bandwagon and start talking substantively about the direction the country should take and who is best qualified to take us there.



4 thoughts on “No Privacy Rights for Presidents?

  1. Carolyn Rudolf

    Well said, Mary. It’s ridiculous what Trump gets away with, while Hillary is bashed for fictional or trivial issues. I agree….. let’s get substantive…. that’s where Hillary will shine every time.

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    • So true, Carol. And I love what has happened since Hillary called half of Trump’s supporters a basket of deplorables. Facebook has been crowded with videos showing how true her words actually are!


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