Tempest in a Teapot



Raise your hand if you are sick of hearing or seeing the phrase “Hillary Clinton’s emails.” Since the latest presidential election cycle began (right around the time of Pres. Obama’s inauguration), conservatives have been dogging Clinton over her use of private email while Secretary of State. It did not matter to them that her Republican predecessors also used personal email accounts for matters of State. And it seems not to matter that not one instance of harm to the United States can be attributed to said use.

I agree that Clinton has been disingenuous in some of her comments about the issue. But she has expressed regret and acknowledged that it was a mistake to use her personal email account while Secretary of State. And the FBI has closed its investigation on the matter. Enough already!

The latest brouhaha concerning Clinton is the Clinton Foundation and revelations that donors to the foundation were given access to her while she was Secretary of State. I’m sorry, but I don’t think it’s such a big deal that she may have helped a Nobel Prize winner in his dealings with the government of Bangladesh, or that her department might have helped someone’s relative get a visa. Once again, there is no evidence that Hillary Clinton engaged in wrongdoing or put national security at risk.

The Clinton Foundation is a charitable organization. The Clintons themselves are not allowed to profit off of funds donated to the charity. And in fact, Charity Watch gives the foundation an A rating due to the preponderance of its funds being used directly for programs around the world.

The reality is that the Republican Party has nominated a rogue candidate that embarrasses them and that they can’t control. So they have turned to repeated assaults on the integrity of the Clintons to distract from the fact that Donald Trump has no substantive ideas and is temperamentally unfit to be president. They are helped by the fact that for whatever reason, people love to hate Hillary.

Meanwhile, the Republican presidential candidate can say whatever hateful thing comes to his mind while the conservative media not only fail to call him on it, they take over his campaign (cf. chairman of Breitbart News). Republican Senator Mark Kirk calls the president of the United States the “drug dealer in chief.” Donald Trump is being endorsed by the likes of former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke.

It’s time for the Republican Party to admit it made a mistake courting the fringe elements that made up the Tea Party movement and spawned the politics of anger. ¬†Moderate Republicans especially would find much to admire about Hillary Clinton’s centrist economic positions and tough stances on foreign aggression. If only they would stop combing through her emails and look at the candidate herself, they might see the next president of the United States.


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