The Trumperor Has No Clothes



In the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” two con artists convince a vain ruler that the clothes they are spinning for him are the finest in the realm. They are so fine, in fact, that only nobly bred and extremely intelligent people can see them. Not wanting to seem ignorant or low class, all of the royal court as well as the emperor himself claim to see the beautiful garments when there is nothing there. The emperor is finally exposed when he marches through the kingdom in his underwear and the common people laugh and jeer, pointing out his nakedness.

Donald Trump has provided a twist on the proverbial tale with his empty words and facile promises throughout this presidential campaign. The twist is that Trump is the con artist and his supporters are the ones being duped by his parade of nothing.

The other evening I was held hostage in a car by a right wing extremist (my husband) and forced to listen to Sean Hannity’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention. I had thought the Fox News fawning reportage of the Republican Convention was hard to stomach. On the show, Hannity interviewed Trump to get his take on the Democratic convention, and, as in his own acceptance speech at the RNC, he had nothing but bluster to contribute. He basically kept saying that the whole thing was a “disaster,” that Hillary’s choice of a running mate was poor, and that the system was “rigged” against poor Bernie Sanders.

Somehow Donald Trump gets away with uttering platitudes like “We’re gonna make millions of jobs, ” and no one calls him on the lack of substance in his statements. I realize that political candidates don’t necessarily put out hundred-page plans for every promise they make. But Trump’s promises at the RNC were nothing short of childish. Over and over again, he claimed he was going to wipe out ISIS, fix the economy, and eliminate illegal immigration immediately upon taking the oath of office. This isn’t just hyperbole; it’s the mark of a juvenile individual who has no real substantive ideas about how to govern.

Early in the primaries, so many conservative politicians and media personalities were harshly critical of Donald Trump – with good reason. Now that he is the Republican nominee, they seem to have become expert gymnasts bending over backwards to find redeeming qualities in the man.

As Donald Trump parades through the campaign season, when will his supporters stop chanting “Make America Great Again” and notice that he has no clothes?

7 thoughts on “The Trumperor Has No Clothes

  1. Joe Konz

    I wholeheartedly agree, cousin, and love the analogy.


    I’ve been reading your blog posts for at least six months now and several times have wanted to send commendations. I guess our relative unfamiliarity with each other has held me back. But I’ve truly enjoyed your topics, and I’ve certainly enjoyed your writing voice, knack for composition and acumen for brevity.

    Not really sure why this post pushed me to follow through and finally submit a comment, but I’m sure the tense political climate has a lot to do with it. So many of us need to release steam, I guess.

    Best wishes,

    Joe Konz

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      • Your grandpa Frank Infanger was the brother of my paternal grandmother, Hermine (Minnie). Your dad, Frank’s son, was a first cousin to my father, making you and I second cousins, I believe. I attended the June 2003 Infanger reunion in Downers Grove. Not sure you and I met there, but I rubbed elbows with quite a few of your cousins. I’m in the big group photo — far left side near Bill Infanger. Also, I returned to Downers Grove that November for Mary Infanger’s retirement party … and I attended Ed Infanger’s memorial at Mary’s nursing home (St. Patrick’s?) a few years ago. Not sure if you were any either of those.


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