It’s the Guns, Stupid



Police shooting blacks. Blacks shooting police. Terrorists shooting civilians. Children shooting their siblings, friends, parents, and each other. Husbands shooting their wives or entire families. Shootings precipitated by road rage, noise complaints, jealousy, unhappiness in the workplace. Accidental firings that kill or wound in shopping centers, medical offices etc. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the common denominator here.

Studies have shown that the more restrictions there are on the purchase of guns, the higher the street price goes up on illegal firearms. It’s Econ 101, the law of supply and demand. Similarly, there may be an occasional situation in which a law-abiding gun owner protects himself or someone else. But there are far more needless killings than there are heroic saves by gun-wielding civilians. If readers have facts to show otherwise, I’d truly like to see them in the comments section here.

You might argue that the situation with police officers shooting blacks does not apply, since police officers are allowed to carry firearms. But it’s not actually a given that cops should be allowed to carry guns routinely. In European countries such as England, Ireland, Iceland, and Norway, most police officers do not patrol with guns. Their feeling is that the presence of a gun creates provocation and engenders more gun violence.

I’m not advocating that the government take away Grandpa’s antique hunting rifle. I just see no need for the average citizen to own handguns or semi-automatic weapons. I get that some people just enjoy shooting. If so, have highly secure shooting ranges available and allow people to fire weapons at them – and then go home and leave the guns behind.

My readers may wonder when I am going to stop harping on the gun control issue. The answer is: when common sense gun laws help create a safer environment in this country for myself and my children.


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