Ode to Candy Corn



Halloween is the only time of year when it is considered socially acceptable to have candy corn around the house. Candy corn is one of those foods people love to hate. It’s right up there with circus peanuts and marshmallow Peeps. Sure, lots of us will consider using them as decoration, much like those awful conversation hearts at Valentine’s Day. But eat them?

I have to admit that I love candy corn. I love how it looks in my jack-o-lantern dish on the kitchen counter. I love the sickening sweetness of it as I casually pop a few kernels into my mouth every time I pass that dish. And those little orange pumpkins that sometimes come in an “autumn mix.” They’re like candy corn on steroids!

When I was in college, there was a little drug store down the block from where I lived. It had a rack filled with individual-serving-size bags of Brach’s candy. Every other day or so, I would go into the store and get my candy corn fix. It was a total obsession. And even though I was always broke, I managed to find the funds to feed my candy corn addiction. I would even squeeze a kernel through the plastic of the bag to make sure the candy corn was sufficiently fresh.

I have always had a sweet tooth. When I was a child, my mother joked that I would eat anything if it had Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup slathered on it. So it’s no surprise that I would like that terribly sweet confection known as candy corn.

This Halloween, my daughter will come home with a pillowcase full of candy. I will fish through it for some of my favorites: Milky Way Midnight, Mounds bars, Junior Mints, and Twizzlers. But I doubt I will find any fun size packs of candy corn.  So I will have to break into my own stash and enjoy the sweetness of my favorite holiday candy, make myself sick, and then swear off candy corn until next Halloween.


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