Fashion Emergency


source: HuffPost)

Little kids have a quirky sense of style. My own four have certainly made some interesting fashion choices over the years.

My daughter, for instance, dressed completely for comfort when she was little. Bike shorts or leggings and a t-shirt – that was her uniform. If the t-shirt had a Disney character on it, so much the better.

One particular outfit that stands out in my mind was a Christmas one – a pair of red and white striped leggings topped by a bright red sweatshirt with a huge picture of a reindeer on the front of it. It was so loud and gaudy that even a kid at her preschool made fun of it.

My son was enamored with his brand new Batman underwear – so enamored that he wore it over his sweatpants. I felt a little conspicuous taking him with me to the school to pick up the little Rudolph groupie, but the teachers just chuckled. They assured me they’d seen it all.

My other daughter insisted that she had to wear “swirly skirts” because Ava, the fashion diva of the three-year-old set, wore them. Never mind that in Chicago there are about two days in the entire school year when a swirly skirt makes a sensible choice.

Early on, I gave up on trying to dress my kids to the nines. Concepts such as matching colors were just lost on them. Pink shoes with pictures of Nala on them go with everything, don’t they? And I just didn’t have the patience to finagle jeans with buttons and zippers or shoes with laces on my pint-sized wigglers.

Unfortunately, my kids outgrew these fashion quirks and have developed better (read: more expensive) tastes in clothes. Now we battle over brand names and pricey shoes, and I grow a bit nostalgic for those innocent days when they simply wore what they liked and liked what they wore.


One thought on “Fashion Emergency

  1. I get my jollies these days by grabbing cute outfits in the toddler section of Target and saying, “See! This is so cute! I would totally have you in this if you were little.” Don’t tell, but my daughter could and did wear 5T dresses as shirts until she was 11.


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