Grocery Store Walk of Shame



This morning I ran into a local supermarket for a few items, which I collected in a basket and brought to the checkout line. But as I put my items on the conveyer belt, I was embarrassed to realize that almost all my items constituted some form of dessert. Sure, I had some juicy red strawberries, but I plan to dip those in chocolate. The rest of my items were heavy on the butter, sugar, and chocolate (unless you count the wholesome Lunchable I threw in there for my daughter’s power lunch).

To make matters worse, the woman in front of me was rhapsodizing about all the unidentifiable vegetables she was buying. While she explained how to sauté some healthy creation, I wanted to slink away and abandon my purchases.

I often feel self-conscious about what I am buying when I grocery shop. It is so difficult to load my cart up with vegetables when my family members will barely eat any of them. My teenage son wants meat, meat, and more meat, and he also complains when there are no good desserts in the house. My daughter is better, but she loves certain incredibly junky foods such as the aforementioned Lunchables and pretzel sandwiches with processed cheese inside.

Although my Lenten abstention from eating sweets has made me much more judicious about how much sugar I consume, my active kids can afford to eat it, and I don’t have the heart to deny them the pleasure of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies or a bowl of ice cream.

This morning I also broke the cardinal rule of grocery shopping. Never shop when you are hungry. That may explain the massive load up of carbs at the checkout.

I’m sure I am just being paranoid when I feel others are judging me for the contents of my cart. Once when I was a young teacher, I was hosting a small party, so I went to the local supermarket to stock up on a few bottles of wine. As I headed to a checkout line, I noticed that one of my students was in the line ahead of me. So I made a quick detour before he could see what a lush I appeared to be. It didn’t help that back in those days, the underage cashier would yell, “I have liquor!” at the top of her lungs since she couldn’t ring it up herself. Nowadays the clerks use the more subtle code “21.”

To be sure, there are plenty of times when I stock up on the produce and nonfat dairy products. My family is reasonably healthy and not overweight. So I should probably just relax and enjoy my grocery shopping time.

And if it’s true what they say, “You are what you eat,” then my family and I must be awfully sweet!


6 thoughts on “Grocery Store Walk of Shame

  1. I’ve noticed the same thing happening in my grocery cart! I started buying the pre-washed and cut veggie trays…the ones you’re supposed to buy for parties. The stuff actually gets eaten. I do the same with fruit. My family is lazy, but apparently, we like to party.

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  2. My husband does not eat veggies, and I find myself sneaking them into his food to get him to eat them. I can only imagine the wars I will have with my children as they get older. Anyone who is going to judge you for what is in your grocery cart/basket has their own problems.


    • Suzanne, when my kids little, I was very casual about veggies. They were always part of meals, but I never made them try them. If I had to do it all over again, I would have insisted that they try at least a bite at each meal. This would have gotten their palates used to eating veggies. That said, my older son would literally gag on them. It was impossible to get him to eat them. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I have never been a big fan of veggies although I now have several types that I really like.


      • Maybe I will push my littles to eat them a little. My 4 year old is very verbal about not liking salad, tomatoes, and peppers. I can get her to eat broccoli , carrots, and cucumbers. I didn’t like a whole lot of veggies when I was young, but I love them now.


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