Mommy, I’m Sick



I have the flu. Yes, I got the flu shot like everybody else, yet I still got the flu. As I lie here in bed in my quiet house, I realize something that is just not fair.

When my kids are sick, I am there for them. I take their temps, give them medicine and fluids, prop their heads on a couple of pillows and let them watch TV marathons. I am at their beck and call, fetching more tissues, making them soup, and answering each weak croak of “Mom” that I hear coming from the sofa.

But when moms are sick, who takes care of them? This morning I tried getting up to wake the kids up for school. I was dizzy and had to lie down. At that moment, what I wouldn’t have given to have my mom fetch me some water and a couple of Tylenols! Later, as I lay in bed, my entire body aching, I debated how badly I really wanted to get up and fetch myself said pain relievers.

I remember when I was first living on my own and had a terrible bout of stomach flu. I became so weak I had to crawl to the bathroom. Wondering whether I would have to call 911 to scrape my dehydrated carcass off the bathroom floor, I gained a new appreciation for all the times my mother took care of me when I was a kid. As the Paramore song goes, “Ain’t it fun living in the real world?”

To be fair, my husband did help me this morning. He fed and watered my 13-year-old and drove her to school. Then he instructed me to go back to bed and not worry about the sink overflowing with dishes and the Christmas gifts I still haven’t wrapped. I am lucky to have him.

My husband also made some coffee, and after drinking a cup, I feel slightly rejuvenated, at least enough to write this post. But still, when my fever spikes and I am sneezing out of control, all I will think is, “I want my mommy!”


5 thoughts on “Mommy, I’m Sick

  1. Before kids, getting sick wasn’t a big deal. By no means was it something I liked, but I could handle cuddling in bed with blankets and watching tv. I’ve gotten sick more times than I can remember since I had my two little ones. It is the most horrible thing to be sick with kids. There is no sick leave from motherhood. Hope you’re feeling better.


  2. Carolyn Rudolf

    Been there, done that, Mary. But at least I didn’t have to take care of kids when I had the flu this year… and last year….. and the year before. If I sound bitter, it’s because I am! About the flu shot!
    Anyway, I didn’t have to take care of any little kids, which is the hardest. Hope you’re better soon.


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