Dear Readers,

I am applying for a position as contributing columnist for my local hometown newspaper and plan to submit one of my blog posts as a writing sample.

Can you help me decide which post might be the best choice to appeal to the editors? They are looking for articles of general interest for the readers of our paper, The Hinsdalean. The publication features local news, information, and human interest stories, as well as opinion pieces that range from local issues to parenting to humorous observations about life.

If you have a favorite post of mine, please let me know in the comments. And thanks for reading!



Mary Rayis

11 thoughts on “HELP!

  1. Alisa Anderson

    Hi Mary- I have enjoyed all of your posts – and agreed with most of them;-).  For the Hinsdalean column here in conservative DuPage County, I am guessing the topics should be political-neutral?!   I think my top two would be “Things My Father Taught Me” and “The Ten Suggestions.” 

    Also, you were so sweet to drop off that graduation gift for Meredith.  You didn’t have to do that!  So very thoughtful…thank you.  Take care and enjoy this beautiful weather!



  2. Kathy Labinski

    Mary, I love all your posts, they’re so well written and I can hear your voice in each of them!
    I loved Nothing but the Truth, You can come Home again might be good for this editorial purpose, and I also loved the one about your dad. Good luck!!


  3. Wallis Sloat

    They were all very good, Mary, but my favorites were the ones that made the readers think, like “Patriot Games,” “Left or Right,” and “Nothing but the Truth.”


  4. If you want to stir things up (which is really the only way to generate lots of comments/response) go with something more political and edgier. You’d be surprised how many liberals will crawls out of dupage’s woodwork.


  5. They’re all great posts, Mary. The Father’s Day post sticks out the most to me because it’s so personal and poignant. Many people can relate to it.

    For a column title, how about simply “The Good Life”?


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