The Billboard Top 10



Summer time means summer driving trips, and driving the interstates exposes me to lots of billboards. Although at times these giant signs can be unsightly, I find many of them quite clever. Here is a list of the ten best billboards I have seen this summer. To borrow from David Letterman’s technique, I am listing them in descending order.

10.  BITE ME! – ad for mosquito control. I admit it got my attention!

9.  If you die tonight: Heaven or Hell? – This is not something I want to think about while driving.

8.  Wine me, Dine me, Exit 39 me – Who can resist getting off the interstate to check out that restaurant?

7. Eat More Chikn’ (sign being painted by cows) – Although I do not eat at Chick-fil-A, I have to admire this clever ad.

6. You can count our Nobel Prize winners on five hands – This boasting by my alma mater, the University of Illinois, made me cheer.

5. Stillinoyed? – On the other hand, this solicitation to Illinois residents from the State of Indiana, while clever, irked me.

4. Keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road – Oops! Just took my eyes off the road to look at the billboard!

3. This is your sign: Get your heart checked – a local billboard that still manages to startle me every time I see it.

2. Any McDonald’s McCafe billboard that features a coffee drink with whipped cream on the top.

And the number one, best billboard, two years’ running is

1. Your wife is hot . . . time to get your a/c fixed!


8 thoughts on “The Billboard Top 10

  1. When I first moved down to New Orleans, one of the first I saw was from Orkin Pest Control. It consisted of the company logo, the slogan “World’s Largest”, all next to a giant picture of a cockroach. My brother told me the slogan referred to the roach, not the company. 😀

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