Birth of a Writer


Today is my birthday, but not in the usual sense of the word. I am celebrating my birth as a writer. Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a love affair with words. My sisters and I would play word games and make up funny parodies of songs. I still remember the pride of writing my first story in fourth grade. It was a thrilling tale of a girl who goes back in time to Salem, Massachusetts, during the infamous witchcraft trials.

But over the years, I have come up with every delay and excuse I could muster to avoid taking the risk of really being a writer. These delays include, but are not limited to, spending 7 years as a high school English teacher, getting married and having four children. Today, with the help of my friend and life coach Melissa, I decided to make a commitment to the writing life.

Just as in childbirth, there is pain, hard labor and uncertainty in becoming something new. But there is also exhilaration and great love. I will always remember this date as my second “birthday” and hope to celebrate many fruitful writing years in the future.


26 thoughts on “Birth of a Writer

  1. J

    Wonderful!!! Congratulations Mary – I am so excited to read your blog. Also, on a side note – did not know you were an English Teacher in your past life – would you possibly have time to work with Cece on writing. She is super bright, but is having trouble with writing – I would hire you to help her – maybe just a couple of times – to help her with some strategies? Thanks, Jacquie


    • Thanks, Jacquie. I appreciate your kind words. Not sure if I have time right now to do any tutoring, but you might want to check with the high school. I think they have some sort of writing lab for students.


  2. Carolyn Rudolf

    I am so proud of you and excited for you. I am glad you’re using your great writing and word skills on a regular basis, and sharing them with so many people.
    You know I will be a regular reader. Maybe I can come up with an idea to inspire you sometime !
    Big Sis Carol


  3. Mary, ever since I have known you, you have always talked about writing a book. Now you have taken the awesome step in starting the pages. I am kinda disappointed that you are not writing about the Rayis family gossip as I thought you would but then I would be the main character… Anyway, congratulations and good luck. You will be awesome at it.


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